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Finca Chocolat in southern Belize is at the heart of an area known as the Mundo Maya which are the lands that comprised the territory of the ancient Mayan civilization.  Cacao and its cultivation were an integral part of that world for over 2,500 years. Cacao was not only used in the famous Mayan drink, Xocolotal, the dried beans were also used as a common currency in all of Central America, up until the time of the Aztecs and the Spanish conquest.

Today Belize is known for its unique strains of Trinitario.  These different strains, along with the soils and the climate come together to create a very special balance of flavor with light acidity and a touch of tannins to produce truly fine chocolate.  

Our mother plants and the seed they produced were chosen for the health, vigor and the full pods they offered without the need of pesticides or sprays to control the diseases plaguing much of the cacao producing world.  We also naturally help control these diseases by growing our trees in higher light and with good air circulation. This is made possible with our high rainfall and fertile soils.

From seed selection, germination, planting and good husbandry through harvest, fermentation, drying and packaging we control the entire process to ensure a consistent product of the highest quality for our customers. The trees planted at Finca Chocolat nestled at the foot of the Maya Mountains are now coming into production.  Please contact us to try a sample of our beans for your next batch of chocolate.

“Our mission at Finca Chocolat is to consistently deliver ethically produced & exceptional cacao while raising the bar for quality and sustainability year after year.”

Finca Chocolat, Ltd. Fine Flavor Belizean Cacao